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How We Got the Ball Rolling

Three years ago, we set out with a simple idea: to create a unique place for friends to enjoy a pint and a game of pinball. Ever since, we’ve been working hard to put together a distinct selection of expertly maintained machines, including both rare and popular titles. Then, we stocked the bar with a full menu of fresh beers and cool cocktails. Now, after years of work, our dream is finally a reality.

Locally owned and operated by people passionate about pinball, TILT offers a relaxed atmosphere, wide drink selection, and top-quality machines. It’s the kind of hangout we’ve always dreamed of, and sharing that excitement is what TILT is all about. So drop in and get the ball rolling with some friends of your own!

John Galvin of tilt pinball bar, minneapolis

John Galvin

Pinball Collector & Enthusiast

John Galvin has been around pinball his whole life. His dad owned and operated numerous arcade games, and John spent many of his formative years fixing, cleaning and playing pinball machines. After finishing college in St. Paul, and a stint in the corporate world, his love for the game led him to take over the family business as owner/operator of D&G Pinball. Now he brings that same passion to TILT. These days, John spends more of his time working on pinball machines than playing them, but he’s rarely too busy for a game and a beer. Just ask.

jasha and carrie johnston of tilt pinball bar, minneapolis

Jasha Johnston & Carrie McCabe-Johnston

With over 40 years in hospitality between them, husband and wife team Jasha Johnston and Carrie McCabe-Johnston opened the beloved Nightingale restaurant in 2012. They’ve proudly lived and worked in Whittier Park for over 14 years, coaching basketball teams, mixing drinks, and delivering one of the neighborhood’s finest culinary experiences. With their award-winning talents in our kitchen and behind our bar, one thing’s certain: “same old, same old” won’t be on the menu.

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